EFFE Label

An international recognition for Moni Lazariston Festival 

Multiple and versatile as it is, Moni Lazariston Festival, from the beginning of its existence in 2002, but also of its history in the early 1990s, when concerts and events "came alive" at the ruins of what later would become the imposingly beautiful complex of Moni Lazariston, always had as central axis the high quality of the events that organizes and hosts.

This insistence of Moni Lazariston Festival in quality, but also its perseverance, even in difficult times, in the original production of events, honors this year the European Festivals Association, giving the Festival label EFFE, Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe. A recognition that reflects both the high-quality program of the Moni Lazariston Festival and also the constant presence of the events held at this cultural complex that has been operating for 25 years.

With this distinction the Moni Lazariston Festival is one of the 761 Festivals from 31 countries that were selected through a process of intense evaluation from national experts to an international jury to form the core of the first generation that will join the platform. It becomes part of the living cultural history of Europe, as at least recorded through the various high quality festivals in the old continent. A fact, of course, that further increases the sense of responsibility for one as rich as possible, dynamic and original program for this summer ...


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